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Astera Asia offers corporate level expertise as guidance for non-profit organizations and small businesses to operate effectively.

Core Services

Organizational Development

Strategic planning is foundational for any group or individual (for-profit or not) to function effectively. We guide clients in establishing the existential basis of what they do and why they do it.

  • Organizational strategy
  • Business planning
  • Departmental strategies (ie. marketing, operations, human resources, finance, programs, etc.)
  • Change management
  • Crisis management

Marketing and Communications

With strong strategies in place, Astera Asia provides clients with easy to implement solutions that are simple to maintain so that our clients can focus their efforts on the core work of their organization.

  • Communications strategy
  • Brand design and strategy
  • Marketing material development
  • Multi-media production
  • Crisis communication

Training and Coaching

Beyond doing the work itself, Astera Asia is dedicated to sharing its expertise through training and coaching. We want to equip and empower our clients to grow and build their organizations sustainably.

  • Customizable topics and programs
  • On-site or remotely
  • Group or 1-1


The Astera Asia team consists of an international group of individuals, each with expertise honed from experience in the corporate sector. With this background and a deep understanding of cross-cultural settings, we are able to effectively guide non-profit organizations and small businesses to where they need to go.

Hannah Lau

Founder and Lead Consultant

Clinton Fu


Evelyn Fu

Consultant, Human Resources


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Astera Asia Portfolio - Mother's ChoiceMother’s ChoiceTraining video  |  Campaign development
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What Clients Say

  • Working with Astera over the years has been of great benefit to ABTS. During a time of significant change in our organization, the Astera team provided a thorough analysis of our operations, constructed a workable branding and marketing solution that fit our unique situation, and assisted in the production of new materials that would more effectively reach our varied audience. Astera is very attentive to our needs, and we can always count on them to provide top-notch service with a personal touch.

    James A. Blumenstock
    Dean, Asia Biblical Theological Seminary 
  • As a local Hong Kong charity with many services and organizational considerations, Astera Asia has been helpful in leading us to think through strategic plans and programs. Very early on, they were able to grasp the nuances of the operations of Christian Action’s Social Enterprise Programme and provide insight and clarity. We appreciate having Astera journeying with us!

    Cheung-Ang Siew Mei
    Executive Director, Christian Action 
  • Working with Astera has been a great experience. Thanks to their professional attitude and attention to detail, even when facing an unfamiliar and sensitive topic (sex education), the team took the time to understand our needs and provided useful suggestions on how to best deliver our messages in the videos. We were also impressed by the team’s openness to constructive comments and their speedy turn-around time when making adjustments. We appreciate Astera’s service and would be happy to work with them again in the future.

    Kevin Lau
    Assistant Manager of Youth Services (Program), Mother’s Choice 
  • As a small company with limited marketing resources internally, Astera’s help was indispensable as they guided us through the development of a consistent, professional brand image. On this foundation, we then collaborated with Astera in creating various impressive promotional materials. These materials never fail to impress our clients as we promote our company and services. The Astera team clearly cared about every detail and showed great interest in the unique aspects of our company. We will certainly be working with Astera again in the future.

    Tim Sietman
    General Manager, Step Ahead Language Services and Consulting 
  • In Astera Asia we have found a well-rounded marketing expert that has become an active extension of the White Lily team. From the start, they were willing to learn about our unique business and industry. They have paced well with our operations and over time we have grown together. To have both good business acumen and strong marketing knowledge is rare and Astera Asia has both.

    Ka Wong
    Managing Director, White Lily 
  • Through the years, ChinaSource and Astera have traversed a wide mix of terrain and experienced changing seasons together involving marketing, communications, human resources, project management, strategic planning and implementation, along with crisis management. Whether consulting from 30,000 feet or walking alongside us on the path, from concept to implementation, Hannah and the Astera Team have combined expertise and diverse skill-sets with a passionate commitment to camaraderie and community process. They have been a vital part of the ChinaSource Team every step of the way!

    Kerry Schottelkorb
    President, ChinaSource
  • Astera Asia’s expertise played a pivotal role in helping Shanghai Speech Therapy not only survive but thrive through the COVID-19 pandemic season. Being based in China, all aspects of our business were greatly affected from February 2020 onwards. Initially Astera provided coaching, crisis management, and strategic planning to weather through the storm. As China recovered and business stabilized, Astera strengthened our operations and designed our brand. We are privileged to have the opportunity to partner with Astera.

    Angela Gong
    Owner, Shanghai Speech Therapy
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Christian Action | Mother's Choice

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