2015 - 2020


Organizational development
Strategic planning
Fund development
Marketing & Communications
Human Resources
Crisis management
Content production

About the Client

ChinaSource exists to educate and inform the global church on critical issues facing the church and ministries in China. As far as resources in English go, ChinaSource is the ‘go-to’ on Christianity in China.

ChinaSource Annual Report
ChinaSource Annual Report

Strong communications for a strong mission

The partnership with ChinaSource began with a Marketing & Communications Strategy. From this starting point, it naturally led to implementation of the strategy through various channels such as content, design, multi-media production, social media, events, and organizational communications.

ChinaSource Social Media Posts
ChinaSource Social Media Posts

Amplifying content for the cause

We have helped to establish ChinaSource’s social media presence, such that there is a consistent and growing audience engaging on Facebook and Twitter.

Through new media channels such as podcasts and webinars, we have helped to expand ChinaSource’s reach and breadth of influence.

ChinaSource Connect Event
ChinaSource Connect Event

Collaborating and convening

‘ChinaSource Connect’ events, which we helped to pioneer, have become a flagship event for engaging with constituents and developing our network.

Clear and compelling communications

We have aligned organizational communications towards a consistent ‘voice’ through unifying key messages.

As the partnership has grown, Astera has been invited to work on aspects of organizational development including strategic planning, capacity building, and human resource planning.

Though Astera has collaborated with ChinaSource in a variety of ways, the focus in each case has always been to support ChinaSource towards sustainability while maintaining relevance and impact to those they aim to serve.