White Lily

2015 - 2020


Marketing strategy
Brand extension
Product diversification
Website revamp & maintenance
Multi-media production
Social media management

About the Client

White Lily is a funeral service provider in Hong Kong. They believe that every life is precious, unique, and thus deserves a dignified and personalized farewell. They specialize in creating opportunities for family and friends to receive comfort and healing while celebrating the life of their loved one.

White Lily Testimonial Video
White Lily Testimonial Video

Branding that speaks to the heart

The partnership with White Lily began with a Marketing Strategy. At the time, White Lily was just a little over a year into their operations and as such, both establishing a brand presence as well as tactical marketing channels and materials were top priorities.

Communications for comfort and healing

We have helped interpret their brand into a variety of marketing collaterals.

Through traditional media, social media, and multi-media, we have helped to establish diverse communication channels with relevant content.

White Lily Company Website
White Lily Company Website

As one of the few in Hong Kong with a product offering such as theirs, the focus of marketing and communications efforts has always been to bring awareness to the ethos of their business and their unique service positioning in a rarely-spoken-about industry.

White Lily Print Collaterals
White Lily Print Collaterals

Extending and Expanding

Having had the privilege of journeying with White Lily for many years, we have established a depth of understanding in both their business and the industry. The insights we have gained have allowed us to deepen the partnership by working with them on extending their brand and expanding their product offering. White Lily Urns is an example of this. 

White Lily Urns Showroom
White Lily Urns Showroom