Mother’s Choice

2019 - 2020


Training video
Campaign development

About the Client

Mother’s Choice is a landmark organization in Hong Kong that is dedicated to helping every child find a family. Through training, education, crisis services, childcare center, adoption centers, and much more, they are a go-to for the Hong Kong community for those with needs in this area.

Mother's Choice Sexuality Education Video
Mother's Choice Sexuality Education Video

Real issues on reel

The partnership with Mother’s Choice began with the development of a set of training videos for their Sexuality Education program in local schools around Hong Kong.

We began with concept development, identifying key insights about today’s youth and the nuances of local Hong Kong culture. From the concepts, we developed three scripts that could capture the attention of young people within a training environment while having them connect with the issues that were brought to the surface. In the third step, we shot and produced all three of these videos to completion.