Hannah Lau

Film Release: Naan But You

It is with great excitement that we can now publicly share Astera’s first self-initiated film project. Naan But You was a passion project that began many years ago because of a story we felt was worth telling. As with most projects of its kind, it starts with an idea you just can’t shake but takes...
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Brinc Webinar Series: Market Entry to Asia

Honoured to partner with Brinc to talk about how startups can think strategically about entering the Asia market. It may seem like a daunting endeavor, but with the right plan and support, it’s well worth the leap.
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Unpredictable situations call for unconventional solutions.

10 ‘To-Do’s for Organizations During Crisis

Business is not as usual. All organizations (for-profit or not) are currently enduring crisis. Yet, we also know that this crisis will not last forever. So, what do we do in this messy time and how can we prepare well for when it’s over?
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相信大家同意我們現正身處充滿挑戰的時代。當新型冠狀病毒 (COVID-19) 持續地在世界各地蔓延,非牟利機構及小型企業紛紛進入未知當中;縱使有些人擁有更充份的資源或準備去面對,但當中帶來的影響程度均是您我都無法避免和預測的。
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6 Ways to Prepare for the Workforce

Graceworks reached out to us for advice for young adults who are entering the workforce so that they don't get swallowed up in the rat race. We were honoured to contribute the following article.
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Hannah Lau’s Astera Asia is helping “the little guys” make it big

It was an honour for Astera Asia to be featured by Salt and Light. We never view the opportunity to share our founding story as a small thing. We hope that what has inspired us will also encourage many others to take their leap of faith.
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